2015.4.18 event

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There will be a farewell party and Spring Ball night on 4.18. 2015.

The farewell party is dedicated to say goodbye to Dr. Cheng and Ms. Sun who have been giving their helpful hands and dedicating their time and mind to OCCAAF during last 18 months we have them with us.

Both of them have given us plenty of treasure filled with some beautiful and feel good memory.

I still remembered vividly that the first thing Dr. Cheng said to me on the first day we met was: “Can I serve as a Volunteer for occaaf?” The interesting thing is, these are the same words as those from Mr. Huang Yin, who is a former Olympian and also one of our early day advisers. For the very first moment, I was truly touched by Dr. Cheng’s kindness.

And Ms. Sun told me the same things when we met at a house party. She asked me directly that if she can be any assistant or provide any service to OCCAAF. And it turned out that Ms. Sun was helping us to host our very first Chinese New Year/Chinese Beautiful 2.0 party a few months later.

Personally, I would like to thank them for all the great things they have helped us in the past, and I’m also looking forward to seeking their help in the future.

Departing Charlotte, relocating to another city does not mean leaving OCCAAF. From the very first day when we designed the OCCAAF Logo, we have put this into consideration. OCCAAF’s ultimate goal is to spread our mission and vision across five continents.That is why you see there are five little human figures with 5 different colors, which represent the 5 continents on this beautiful planet, and we promote a divers society where we live as a whole community. Unless you are moving to Mars or another planet, otherwise, you will always be a teammate of OCCAAF for sure.-:)



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