It has been an exciting week last week since we know Jeremy Lin signed with Charlotte Hornet!

We are very excited to know that Jeremy Lin signed with Hornet last week. There will be a lot fun moment in the next two seasons for sure. For now, we just want to welcome Jeremy to the buzz city. Just talked to Brian and Sean last week at the hornet training facility to arrange some Asian night next season to let local basket fans and Jeremy’s Fans have a great time together and build a stronger community and more diverse community in Charlotte.

Honestly, I just couldn’t wait to see Jeremy in person. OCCAAF is planning to have Charlotte Chinese American History Photo exhibition at Charlotte Museum of History next year. With the arrival of Jeremy, he will be part of the Charlotte History for sure. -:)) We are planning to assign a few news reporters and photographers to covers all the hornet home game next season. If any of you interested and have pro level sport photo experience, please send your resume and photo portfolio  to Thank a Billion!

jeremy lin to buzz city!








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