1st annual Occaaf International Arts contest Final result with arts works.

exhibition1Dear Contest Participants, Parents and Arts teachers;

We know it has been a long waiting period for the final result to come. We are as excited as all of you. Before you get to the contest result page, Please allow us to thank all of the contestants who submitted their stunning arts work to this arts contest. Thank you for sharing your beautiful worlds with us. We would also like to thank all of the judging panels members who have worked diligently in the final months to judge the high volume arts pieces we have received. And also thank all the organizations and volunteers who have provided their support and help to make our first annual international arts contest a great one. We will be looking for your return with new arts work next year.

Please read the result careful to find your name and the age group.

Thank you.


1st Annual International Youth Arts contest committee


Best Arts School and Instructors/Arts Teachers: (It is mainly based on the numbers of arts works submitted by arts students, total participants and the awards they received. )

Award for:

best teachers and arts school
Best Arts School  & Best Arts Teacher
Jiaoyin Chinese School: Yin Jiao
Yucai Chinese School
LongLong Zhou’s Studio: Longlong Zhou
Creative Design Studio: Penny Shen
Houston Chinese Arts Center: Wenjun Tao


Contest Result for students by age group:

Age Group under 6:  Group Under 6

Age Group 6-11: Group 6-11-3

Age Group 12-14: Group 12-14

Age Group 15-17: Group 15-17

Age Group 18-30: Group 18-30

Please click on the link above to download the final result files and check your name and arts work.



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